Computer Accessories
Power Supply w/ Battery Charger : NS-1220C CE / LVD

20 Amp Total Max. / Power output 15A Max. / Charger output 5A Max.
Net weight, only 4.63 lbs/2.1kg
Dimensions: 252*54*190 m/m (W*H*D)
Over Voltage protection
Over Current protection
Quiet Internal Cooling Fan
Input Voltage: Selectable AC input voltage-110 Vac at 50/60Hz / -220 Vac at 50/60Hz
Super Regulation : Works with AC input from 90 to 132 Vac or from 178 to 264 Vac.
Back-up Power Supply System

Over Current Protection : Polarity Reverse Protection :
Low Voltage protection : Short Circuit Protection :
Over Voltage Protection :    


Front View Rear View