Company Profile

Since its foundation in 1967, Taiwan Nissei has put much effort in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of VU meters for various consumer electronic products. The Company is now a supplier of an extensive array of meters. Our product line incorporates meter for consumer electronic product, radio communication product, and professional audio product. We also produce moisture testers, power supply, SWR/WATT meters, remote power sensor, and other computer/audio accessories.

Company Name:Taiwan Nissei Sokki Co., Ltd.
Address:No.2, Lane 21, Cheng Kung Rd. Banqiao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

China Plant:Suzhou Sunspirit Co., Ltd.
Address:No. 72, Hengshan Rd., Suzhou New District, China

  • Capital:USD 1,000,000
  • Established:April, 1967
  • President:Kevin Lin
  • Employee:170
  • Major banks:Chang Hwa Commercial Bank, Kuang Fu Branch
  • Product:VU meter, Panel meter, Analog meter, PH Meter, Moisture meter, Power supply, SWR/WATT Meter, Power sensors, Antenna analyzer, Computer peripherals, other meter applications and accessories.

Our Business Philosophy


The three cornerstones of Taiwan Nissei business philosophy are innovation, speed, and customer satisfaction. Together, innovation, speed, and customer satisfaction ensure that Taiwan Nissei is the supplier that the companies around the world rely on to deliver the best visual design solution, creating a win-win situation both for Taiwan Nissei and the companies that become its customers.

Company Profile


Taiwan Nissei has done its utmost to build not only tangible incentives for innovation, but also a corporate culture that embraces change and creativity. Innovation is encouraged in the process of finding new applications for technological breakthroughs in products and services for Taiwan Nissei customers. To provide this level of innovation, Taiwan Nissei has built up elite R&D teams composed of outstanding engineers, many with advanced degrees, and including industrial, mechanical and materials engineers to provide specialized expertise in each of these fields.


Taiwan Nissei is constantly seeking ways to increase speed in every aspect of its operations, while maintaining flawless quality. It constantly monitors market conditions and customer requirements to maintain real-time knowledge so that it can deliver the right solutions before competitors even recognize what those solutions are. By reducing turnaround times in all steps of its workflow, customer needs can be fulfilled with actual products or services in with increasing speed. As an example of its efforts, Taiwan Nissei is always working to shrink the times needed to ramp up volume production to ensure it can meet large orders in a timely manner.


Commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in Taiwan Nissei’s stance on quality, which is defined by customer requirements and not based on what is convenient for the company to achieve. Recognizing that our customers also seek to satisfy their own customers in turn, Taiwan Nissei spares no effort to ensure that the quality of its products support the customer’s efforts in this regard.


While staying true to its original mission, Taiwan Nissei is responding to transformations in the global industry and adapting to its own rapid growth. It will continue to devote resources to developing more advanced technologies, retaining a spirit of innovation. It will also continue to refine its operations, enhancing efficiency and making the company even more responsive to customer needs and market changes as they arise, efficient, and providing even better service to customers.

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